Fleet Wash Program

Keep your corporate/municipal vehicles looking great while protecting the environment by joining our fleet washing program.

Program Benefits

  • 26 Tunnel locations throughout the area at which you can wash
  • Accounts invoiced monthly
  • No need to distribute wash tickets or reconcile submitted receipts or charge sheets
  • Fleet maintenance is centrally administered
  • Monthly detail reports can provide vehicle info, date & time of wash, etc.
  • RFID and BARCODE technology simplifies and secures the wash transactions
  • Choose from our three wash levels--Clean, Bright, Best
  • Activate, change, or deactivate wash privileges whenever desired
  • Reduce labor of washing vehicles in-house
  • Streamline billing/reconciliation of wash transactions
  • Avoid environmental/utility costs of water regulations
  • Discounts provided based on wash volume (see below)
  • Limit the type of washes
  • Ensure that only assigned vehicles are washed

Program Requirements

Install a RFID transponder on windshield and tag with barcode on doorjamb of each vehicle
(windshield tag is 3.25” x 1.25”, and doorjamb tag is 3" x 1.25")

Provide activation/deactivation information by email (i.e. Vehicle ID, RFID Tag #, License Plate #, etc.)

Wash at least 25 times a month in aggregate across the fleet to receive discount pricing


Program Restrictions

The Fleet Program is only available for use at our Tunnel locations

Maximum height is 84" (7'), and we cannot wash vehicles with roof racks or roof boxes

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Stefan Kovalenko

Stefan Kovalenko

Fleet Wash Program Manager

If the Fleet Program is not a good fit for your organization, please consider Ticket Books in our Online Store.


Note:  Stand-alone car washes without gas stations are unable to process fleet cards (Voyager, Wright Express, etc.) for car wash purchases.  If you are trying to purchase a car wash using a fleet card, you must go to a Tunnel location that has a Chevron or Texaco gas station.  Purchase the car wash at the gas station and redeem it at the car wash.