Unlimited Wash Club Terms & Conditions

See below for the Terms & Conditions of the Brown Bear Unlimited Wash Club

The Brown Bear Unlimited Wash Club provides unlimited car washes at Tunnel Car Washes* in each month membership is renewed. Memberships are automatically renewed each month on the anniversary date of the original purchase.

*Memberships are not valid at Self Serve Car Washes nor Touchless Car Washes.


By enrolling in the Unlimited Wash Club, I agree that the credit/debit card provided will be automatically charged the following rate:


An increased "For Hire" rate will be assessed for taxis, shuttles, limos, For-Hire, and Transportation Network Company (TNC) vehicles including, but not limited to, Lyft and Uber:


I agree that I waive any and all right to withhold or delay payment of the related credit card charges, whether as described in my agreement with the credit card issuer or otherwise.


Only the vehicle listed on the application is eligible for the Program and must have the Unlimited Wash Club tags affixed to the vehicle’s windshield AND door jamb by a Brown Bear employee. Usage of either of the Unlimited Wash Club tags with any other vehicle than the one on file is prohibited and shall be grounds for immediate membership suspension and/or termination.


Members may upgrade to a higher wash and pay the difference at the time of the wash.


Membership may be cancelled or modified at any time by completing the form available online at BrownBear.com/ClubChange or by calling 206.774.3737 between 8AM-4PM Monday-Friday.  Cancellation may take 5 days to process.  No refunds or credits will be given for partial periods.


Can not be used in conjunction with any other discounts/promotions.


Brown Bear Car Wash reserves the right to cancel, amend or change the program from time to time as it feels necessary, including terminating a membership for unauthorized or fraudulent use.