Unlimited Wash Club FAQ

See below for answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions about the Brown Bear Unlimited Wash Club!

How do I buy a Monthly Unlimited Wash Club membership?  I can't find where to buy one on your website.

New Monthly memberships are only available for purchase at our Tunnel Car Washes.

New Annual memberships are only available for purchase in our Online Store.

*If you're currently a Monthly member and want to convert to an Annual membership, you may purchase one from our Online Store.  Please be sure to put your RFID tag number and license plate in the Notes section at Checkout so that we know to apply it to your existing membership.


Are the memberships per vehicle, or per household?

The memberships are one per vehicle.  If you have two or more vehicles, then you will need a membership for each vehicle.


Do you offer a multi-car/family discount?

Not at this time.


I just signed up for a Monthly membership.  Does this mean it's for one month only?

Unlimited Wash Club Monthly memberships are designed to renew each month and be an automatic recurring charge to the credit/debit card on file, billed on the anniversary date of your original signup.  However, if you only wish to participate for one month, please submit the Change Request form or call us at 206.774.3737, Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM, to Terminate or Suspend your membership.


I need to update my payment card on file with my membership(s).  How do I do that?

Please call us at 206.774.3737, Monday-Friday, 8AM to 4PM, and we'd be happy to update that for you over the phone.  We do not currently have an online interface for our customers to update their card info, but it is coming in the future.  If your membership staus is currently Declined due to a bad card, you also have the option of updating the card at the car wash the next time you visit.


I bought a new car.  Can I transfer my membership?

Yes.  Take your new vehicle to one of our Tunnel Car Washes and provide your old tag number and let them know you'd like to transfer your membership to your new vehicle.  They'll want to reference the old tag number and they will get you set up with new tags for the new vehicle, and we'll get your membership transferred!  If the old tags went away with the old vehicle, or you do not otherwise have the old tag number, please call us at 206.774.3737, Monday-Friday, 8AM to 4PM, and we can look up your old tag number for you.


I had my windshield replaced.  How do I get new RFID tags?

If you recently had your windshield replaced (hopefully you used All-Star Auto Glass) and you need a new set of RFID tags, please visit one of our Tunnel Car Washes and let them know.  They will want to reference your current tag number (which can be found on your doorjamb tag) and they can issue a new set of tags—including a new windshield tag—and we will get your membership transferred.


My RFID tag won't scan at the kiosk.  What's going on?

If the RFID tag in your windshield isn't scanning properly at our kiosk pay stations, please press the "Cancel" button located below the bear animation.  That will restart the scanning process and hopefully our scanners will subsequently pick up the signal.  Be cognizent of where the position of the overhead scanner is in relation to your windshield tag.

If you have a WSDOT Good To Go! Pass, it may cause interference with the signal from our RFID tag if placed too close to it.  If you feel this is the case, you may ask for a replacement set of tags and be sure to have the attendant install them further away from the Good To Go! Pass.

If you have a windshield that has certain RFID-blocking features (metallized windshield, infrared-blocking windshield, etc.), please consult your Owners Manual to see if there is a cutout spot in the windshield in which you can place RFID transponders.  If the manual does not have that information, we recommend contacting your dealership and inquiring with them.


My vehicle isn't being driven as a taxi/limo/For-Hire/TNC anymore.  How do I go back to the standard rate?

If your vehicle is no longer being used as a taxi/limo/For-Hire/TNC, please visit your nearest Tunnel Car Wash and ask to speak with the Manager.  The Manager will review your vehicle and have you complete a new standard membership application.  Once we receive the new application at our Corporate Office, we will change you to the standard rate.

*Please note that we cannot change you to the standard rate over the phone.


I'm going out of town for several weeks/months.  Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, Monthly memberships may be suspended to prevent automatic renewal, and you will be able to wash until the end of the current billing cycle, but it does not retain any time during the current period.  There will be no further charges until you contact us to resume your Monthly membership.

Please submit the Change Request form or call us at 206.774.3737, Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM, to Suspend your Monthly membership.


I have other questions. Can you answer them?

Yes we can! Call the Unlimited Wash Club at 206.774.3737, or please click here for our general FAQ page.