Brown Bear Car Wash

Why Brown Bear Car Wash?

The Brown Bear Advantage!

  • Brown Bear protects your car & preserves its value
  • Our state-of-the art equipment guards your car finish from abrasion. In fact, auto makers recommend against hand washing
  • We only use eco-friendly detergents and products are specifically formulated specifically for our region
  • Our high-tech coatings available at our tunnel washes add even more protection
  • We protect our environment by trapping dirt and pollutants that otherwise go into our waterways
  • You’ll actually use less water going through our tunnel wash vs. hand washing in your driveway

Click the links below for videos that explain more about how washing at Brown Bear Car Wash is GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

We are a proud member of the
ICA WaterSavers!

The WaterSavers® program recognizes professional car washes for water conservation and environmental protection, and is committed to educating consumers about the car wash industry’s environmentally responsible business practices.