Brown Bear Car Wash

About Us

There's a Brown Bear Car Wash in your neighborhood!

Brown Bear Car Wash is locally owned and operated by the same family that opened the first location in 1957.

We've grown to become the neighborhood favorite car wash in over 38 communities and we're proud of our deep ties to the Pacific Northwest.

Our customers come to Brown Bear Car Wash because they know we will save them time, protect the environment, and protect their car's finish.

Our Brands

Brown Bear Car Wash

Brown Bear Car Wash logo

Since 1957, Brown Bear® Car Wash has been the Puget Sound region's premier car wash company using the latest car wash technology to produce the cleanest vehicles on the road. Our dedicated employees and acclaimed customer service will ensure that you will have an exceptional experience each time you visit a Brown Bear Car Wash. At everyday affordable prices, our automatic car washes can provide you with a clean and shiny vehicle in just minutes, saving you precious leisure time while at the same time protecting your vehicle's finish.


Hungry Bear Market

Hungry Bear Market logo

Newly rebranded Hungry Bear Market™ offers fast, friendly, and clean stores that go beyond your average convenience stores. Hungry Bear Market offers a wide variety of snacks, beverages and everything in between to meet your busy life, including our very own Grizzly Grind Coffee.  All Hungry Bear Markets offer quality top tier rated fuels too, just another way to serve you.


Top Tier Gasoline

ChevronTexacoConocoPhillips 76

Many of our outlets also sell premium "top tier" gasoline brands including Chevron, Texaco, and ConocoPhillips 76.  Top Tier gasolines contain high quality additives that protect critical engine parts.  Just like Brown Bear can keep your car spotlessly clean, top tier gasolines help to keep your engine clean from harmful deposits maintaining performance.

Chevron was the first U.S. gasoline marketer to have its gasoline approved as meeting new performance criteria set by BMW, General Motors, Honda and Toyota for Top Tier Gasoline.  Chevron quality products are designed to keep your vehicle running efficiently.  Techron® Quality Gas, diesel fuels, automotive transmission fluids and our range of motor oils have been developed to meet your motoring needs.

Texaco's Techron® additive cleans vital engine parts to help your car reach its performance potential.  For over 100 years, Texaco has provided motorists with gasoline that delivers superior power, quality and performance.

ConocoPhillips 76's PROclean™ gasoline contains higher levels of detergent additives that help prevent deposits and help ensure peak engine performance.

To learn more about Top Tier Gasoline, go to


Car Wash Enterprises

Car Wash Enterprises, Inc. logo

Car Wash Enterprises®, Inc., the parent company of Brown Bear Car Wash and Hungry Bear Market, offers a variety of fast, convenient car washing options, including in-bay automatic washes, conveyorized tunnel washes, and self-serve facilities.  Some of our locations also operate in conjunction with convenience stores.  At each, you'll find guaranteed quality, a commitment to customer service…and an economical way to expand your precious leisure time.


Our Awards

Brown Bear Car Wash

Best Car Wash - Evening Magazine's Best of Western Washington, 2005-2015
Top 50 Nation's Largest Conveyor Car Wash Chains - Professional Carwashing & Detailing Magazine
Top 50 Car Washes in the United States - Modern Car Care Magazine
Marshall Mott Award - Better Business Bureau-Alaska, Oregon & Western Washington, 2006
Myers Award - Better Business Bureau-Alaska, Oregon & Western Washington, 2006

Car Wash Enterprises, Inc.

100 Largest Private Companies - Puget Sound Business Journal
Corporate Philanthropists - Puget Sound Business Journal
Environment Corporate Champion - Puget Sound Business Journal

Victor Odermat

Lifetime Achievement Award - Western Car Wash Association, 2014
Hall of Fame Inductee - International Car Wash Association, 2007
Hall of Fame Inductee - Western Car Wash Association, 2007
Distinguished Service Award - Western Car Wash Association, 2005
Industry Leadership Award - International Car Wash Association, 2004
Distinguished Service Award - International Car Wash Association, 2001